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Skills Studio is non-profit organization, registered with the Government of India. We have been working with underprivileged kids in few villages since 2012. Our primary base is at a village called Pudhupakkam, near Chennai. We intend to model skills studio in other villages too.

A Brief History:

Soon after our academic life in the US, Dolly and I, with little Nathan moved to India in the year 2011. Seeing the poverty and need, we both cultivated a deep desire to start an organization to cater to the educational needs of under privileged children and youth. Our dream became a reality after one year of our move. Dolly quit her job to take this initiative full time. I support her by helping in the village during weekends and through running life-skill workshops. This endeavor has given us both a purpose and meaning to our lives. This has also transformed a lot of volunteers who had come to help in the village.